Pitts Python V2

RC Electric 3D Plane

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  • Features:

    • Large High Scale RC Model
    • Radio Controlled 2.4GHz, 4 Channel 3D Plane (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle)
    • The Largest EPO Pitts Python In the market, Yellow & Black Painting. It looks very beautiful and vivid.
    • With 3-Bladed propellers. Provide strong power for 3D Aerobatic flying.
    • Very smooth on its Aerobatic flying, Like: Roll, Horizontal, Losing speed inversion, Inverted flight, Inverted flight low speed conveniently and many other tricks.
    • With high-scale control panel and the Pilots inside the cabin
    • Main landing gear was made by Aluminium-alloy. Very strong, light & not easy to change shape.
    • High-scale extremely flexible PU Wheels.
    • It also could be equipped with Colour smoke bombs and Colourful strip additionally.
    • New 2.4GHz spectrum technology, with the functions of automatic identification and precise code pairing, strong anti-jamming, and allow more than 20 aircrafts to fly at the same field at same time

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  • Specification:

    Product Name: Pitts Python V2
    Length: 1320mm 
    Wingspan: 1400mm
    Flying Weight: 3200g
    Material: EPO Foam
    Radio: 4 Channel
    Servo: 6x 40g Digital metal servos
    Speed Controller: 60A Brushless speed controller
    Control System: 2.4GHz Multifunctional Transmitter and Receiver
    Drive System: Brushless Outrunner Motor
    Aircraft Battery: Li-Po 22.2v/1300mAh (25C)

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  • Product Info:

    This Aircraft is NOT A TOY. It is not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Children under the age of 14 must not operate this product alone.  They must be accompanied by an experience adult at all times.

    Flying Skill Level 7Build Level 7Maintenance Level 6

    Flying Skill Level:

    (Great for intermediate and skilled pilots) Extended Flight simulator practice and experienced pilot supervision recommended.

    Build Level:

    Moderate airplane assembly required. Internal wiring and electronics configuration is required. Please dry fit and test all electronics before gluing and securing any components.

    Maintenance Level:

    After every 5 flights and before and after storing airplane, please check all control surface horns and tighten the screws on surface horns if needed. Check the control pushrod clevis to insure no cracks are visible and no clevis has come loose. Check all control surfaces for solid contact between control surfaces, main wings and tail sections. Check for any loose screws anywhere screws are located. Check all wires connecting to the receiver for solid connection.

    Please Note: If you have very little knowledge of Model Plane Assemble or have no Radio Control Flying experience, we would NOT recommend you to purchase this product to learn on.

  • Package Includes:

    There is no clear industry standard definition for RTF, ARF, RXR, KIT, etc. Every manufacturer makes up their own definitions.

    The generally accepted definitions are:

    KIT means that you get all of the components of the plane, i.e.: fuselage, wings, tail, landing gear, even ducted fan, etc., pre-built but not pre-assembled; No electronic parts are included.

    RTF (Ready To Fly) means that you get the complete model, which includes all electronic parts—equipped model itself and RC Transmitter, Receiver, Flight Battery and 90 – 98% assembled. All “RTF” versions will have slight final assembly and setting up to do before flying.
    Required items: RC transmitter AA batteries and Li-po flight battery charger depending on the model aircraft purchased.

    RXR means that you get the RTF but no RC transmitter/Receiver.

    ARF means that you get the RTF but no RC transmitter/Receiver and no aircraft Battery.